About Us

The Pairee group boasts of a diversified portfolio of companies including Jyothi Industries.

Founded in 1965, Jyothi Industries has been a leading manufacturer of machine tool accessories and SPMs. Jyothi boasts of decades of experience in delighting customers from various industries across India and abroad with their precision products and services over the years.

With the acquisition of a 30 year old collet manufacturing business in 2017, Jyothi has expanded its range of products and is now manufacturing High Precision Collets, Mechanical edge finders, Chucks, Adapters and other custom precision components. Jyothi’s team has decades of expertise in manufacturing high precision collets and other precision components for exports to Europe and USA.




As the Founder and CEO of Pairee, Chandra is responsible for overall strategic direction, growth and management of the company. Pairee boasts of a diversified portfolio of companies in sectors like manufacturing, high technology, leadership training, real estate and its own charitable foundation.

A serial entrepreneur, he has founded four companies since 1996 including Theorem India, a pioneer in digital media operations, which he grew to 1300+ People Company across 4 continents and over a hundred marquee clients before moving on. Chandra is also on the board of several startup companies and enjoys advising and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Chandra holds a master’s degree in industrial management from Northern Illinois University, Chicago and a B E degree from Bangalore University. He is a leading voice in digital marketing and regularly speaks at global conferences.He is also an active member of various industry groups in the technology world.



Venkatesh has over 30 years of rich experience in the manufacturing field. He is an expert in the manufacturing of precision machine tool accesories. He has been successfully catering to the stringent quality requirements of overseas customers for many decades. At Jyothi, he is responsible for the entire manufacturing activity.

He holds  B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University.



Balaji Sunku is the General Manager – Finance & Admin at Pairee, where he manages the Pairee group’s finances.

Balaji is a dynamic and results-focused Finance, Analytical & Accounts professional with a rich and valuable experience of more than 25 years in Finance & Accounting, Planning and Decision making with broad vision and leadership trait to successfully direct top, Middle and bottom-line towards organisation goal.   Worked with large IT & ITES companies and implemented many systems and processes for large organizations.

Balaji has proven competencies in improving organisational productivity through the development and implementation of strategies and systems (ERP system and Control policy system).

Strategic problem solver through smart solutions and executes with urgency across all levels of organization.

A continuous learner, Balaji derives strength from his confidence and ability to manage complex situations.